The outcome of any research project we are conducting is ultimately to generate brand equity for our clients or, in the case of academic research, for those making use of our research findings. Primary research areas are Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communication, Green Media & Advertising and Marketing Management.

At Stics, we want to know more, much more and we conduct research in order to contribute to knowledge development. The research conducted at Stics stretches over a wide range of areas.

Our current research projects are:

  • SPARK®, an evaluation of a system for improving education.
  • Consumer complaint behavior - on the path towards satisfaction.
  • Customer complaint management
  • Developing marcom models for digital media
  • Green media & Advertising

The knowledge that Stics is developing through its research is being transfered back to the business life and society at large through speeches, lectures, seminars, papers, articles and books. Check out our twitter feed or our facebook updates so that you can get the latest information from us.

A number of Swedish and international companies are participating in our research projects. If you are interested in participating in any of our research projects, please feel free to contact us:
Or call us at +46 8 30 70 80

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Consumer Attitudes & Media

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Media Selection for Marketing Communication
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A study on the complaint behaviour of dissatisfied customers...

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