Stics - Stockholm Institute of Communication Science

Stics is a non-governmental research laboratory conducting advanced studies in social sciences with the objective to help address current and future organizational challenges. Stics is frequently working in the fields of management, marketing and communication, and doing so with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

Our advisors will help you implement your organization's strategy through decision support and development of human resources. Together with our experienced advisors you will gain new knowledge, perspectives and inspiration.

In addition to our professional line of work, Stics is an advocate of nuclear
non-proliferation and is working to disseminate knowledge on the importance
of nuclear non-proliferation.

Create brand value

Obviously I can express an infinite number of different wants that can satisfy the same basic need - hunger.

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Knowledge sharing

Science has come a long way since the early alchemists held out the lure of gold back in the fourth century.

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